Hacking interviews

We assume you know the basics and teach you how to decode each interview round, approach technical problems, quickly identify patterns and structure your answers.

Live interactive classes

Live interactive video classes with the instructors, be part of the discussion and get your queries answered. Refer class videos anytime you want.

Mock Interviews & Detailed Curriculum.

The course includes in-depth approaches for problem-solving, system design, machine coding. 1:1 mock interviews with detailed feedback on how to improve for each round.

Results or Moneyback

Despite performing good in course if you fail to secure position in one of your dream companies in next 6 months, we will refund the tuition fee, no questions asked.

100% money back gurantee after first two classes.


1. Decoding a tech interview: How does an interviewer think? How are you being evaluated?

It's not enough to know your basic, you should know how to structure your answer and the best way to do that is to know what your interviewer is looking for.

2. Quick deep-dive for interviews-1: Arrays, LinkedList, Sort, Search, Hashtables, Big-O

We expect you to have a basic understanding of these, we will quickly breeze through how each of these is disguised in a tech interview.

3. Quick deep-dive for interviews-2: Dynamic programming, Trees, Graphs, NP-hard

Go through the course reading material so that during class we can dig what kind of interview problems are these meant to solve.

4. Problem solving-1: Live interview demos, tricks and strategies.

Get a peek at what is going on inside an interviewer's mind while listening to your answers. How to approach a problem and structure a perfect answer.

5. Problem solving-2: Live interview demos, tricks and strategies

Hacking the interview question. Half the answer or at least major hints are hidden in the question itself. Learn to break down a question into parts and solve each of those parts.

6. Patterns of problems: Uncover the hidden patterns in every single tech interview question

There are only a handful of unique problem types in a tech interview. Learn how to see the patterns and quickly figure our the solution.

7. Your 1:1 Mock interview-1: Algos and Problem-solving.

Your first video interview live with an interviewer. Exactly like a real interview and get detailed feedback after the interview.

8. Quick deep-dive system design: How/Why webscale systems are designed. Deep dive of Tech stack at Flipkart and Twitter.

We take large architectures and break them apart to uncover how they are building one component at a time and to answer why the systems decisions are made the way they are.

9. Mastering the system design interview-1: How to structure your answer. Live demo.

There is no right answer in design, it's more about reasoning. Watching live interviews, we reason on how a design a build from the ground up.

10. Mastering the system design interview-2: Live demo on multiple questions

Following up on the previous one, we take more questions to master the design interview process.

11. Your 1:1 Mock interview-2: System design.

Your second live video interview to test your design skills, followed by detailed feedback.

12. Mastering the machine-coding and Hiring manager round

We do the code walkthrough to understand what a good machine-coding answer looks like. Followed by understanding the motivation and structure of the hiring manager rounds.

13. Your 1:1 Mock interview-1: Hiring manager round

Your 3rd live video interview to give you a feel of a hiring manager followed by detailed feedback and guidance.


I am really glad that i took this course, your help in thinking about problems and how to approach solutions was amazing. Really Grateful.

Roger Taylor,

Offers from Amazon, Facebook, Google

After this course I applied for 10 companies and got selected in 9 of them, course was really a confidence booster. I hope lot more people benefit from it.

Sheryl Perry,

Offers from Google, Microsoft, Pinterest


Panel includes senior engineers from top product companies in India and have taken a lot of interviews in their organizations

Mohan Gupta

8-year experience  
System Design & Algorithms Expert
Microsoft, Amazon

Gajendra Dadheech

8-year experience  
Data Structures & Problem Solving Expert

Keshav Gupta

8-year experience  
Algorithms & Data Structures Expert
Flipkart, Cisco

Anwar Alam

9-year experience  
System Design & Leadership Expert
AOL, Qualcomm

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